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Northwestern University

I am visiting Northwestern University at Evanston. It is 20-25 minutes away from Chicago. Northwestern is an excellent college. It is so bad that I did not notice out Northwestern as a potential institution for graduate school before. Chicago, so far, is an excellent city: the lake, big buildings, architecture, restaurant authority and so many other things that contribute to this really nice environment to being such positive.

Northwestern is an outsantding university. The level of integration of disciplines through research is extremely amazing. Constat communication, I should point out that is the main factor for this university to do so well in interdisciplinary research. I attended to an oral presentation about integration of topics like mathematics and cancer biology. In addition, I went to a poster presentation in where the student was able to use a biological system as a model to create robotics.

I am meeting really interesting people who are making this visit to Northwestern such a beautiful experience. In fact, I am considering it for graduate school.


See you later.

Carlos Santos-Perez


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