BIOL 3009 Introduction to Biology (Summer Bridge)

This course was focused in basic biology but also in some basic concepts of research. During this course I learned: the basic characteristics of life, Chemistry of Life, Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis, Biological molecules, Meiosis, Mitosis(Replication of DNA) and also the central dogma of Biology. On the other hand, I took courses, during this summer, that provided me the tools for making a proposal. The proposal was titled: Efficency of Plant Extracts that contain melatonin in Parkinson Disease Patients (Link number 1 and 2). Also in order to be prepare for the hypothetical presentation of the proposal, I practiced of how a student should present a proposal. A presentation that I made, in order to get prepared for the proposal presentation, was titled: Autobiography (Link 3). It was a very good course that taught to me all the basic but important concepts that a biology student should know. During this summer was where I got interested in Neurobiology. In addition to all of that we took a laboratory of Biology class that it was excellent. This is because this class was focused in research. For that reason, some times, the professor gave us the opportunity to do things in our own. That type of action is excellent because it familiarized me with the research realm of science.




Types of Cell


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